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Top 10 hospitals in Yamunanagar: There are a number of hospitals in Yamunanagar, which are well equipped and have the latest medical facilities and provide treatment to the patients with regards to any general ailment. Some of the popular hospitals in Yamunanagar are Gulati Hospital, Civil Hospital, J. P. Hospital, Masih Hospital, Sawhney Hospital, and many others. There are hospitals, which have general doctors and there are hospitals, which specialize in cardiac diseases or orthopedic requirements etc.

There are many hospitals, which are specific to maternity and children requirements as well, like Mago Maternity & Children Hospital and others. There are hospitals dedicated to eye care and dental care as well. For instance, there are hospitals like R R Eye Hospital, Dr. B R Kalra Eye & General Hospital, and many others.

Here are the Top 10 hospitals in Yamunanagar: